The Great Legal Bake Cake Sale

By RedLaw | 24 Feb, 2017

Cake really can bring people together! Hundreds of businesses who work within the legal arena and law firms across the country have taken part in the Great Legal Bake this week. The week’s cakes sales all have one goal in common; to raise funds to ensure vulnerable people gain access to justice.

And RedLaw took part too and held a cake sale inviting all employees within our building to come down to join in the fun and donate money in return for a slice of cake! The table was filled with wonderful creations, Brownies, carrot cake, the good old faithful victoria sponge and kids creations were all for sale.

We are proud to say we raised a fantastic £81! A special thanks to the younger members of the RedLaw team who baked for us.

We are now very interested to hear next week what the grand total of all the week’s cake sales will be?

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