Best Business Women Awards

By RedLaw | 01 Aug, 2017

We successfully sent off our submission for the Best Business Women awards last week entering Amy Hambleton, RedLaw Director, for the Best Woman in Recruitment category. The submission was over 3,000 words and included questions about the owner, the business, our USP’s, how we provide good customer service, best achievements and what makes Amy most proud.

The awards are all about recognising great women in the business community;

“The business world is full of talented and dedicated female entrepreneurs who not only run successful businesses but in many cases also juggle the needs of their families. Our entrepreneurial and business awards are designed to recognise the achievement of these women across a wide range of business categories,” says Best Business Women awards.

They have received over 300 nominations so now it’s just a waiting game whilst the judges work their way through all the submissions in the hope we make the shortlist.

Here’s a snippet from the submission. Amy describes why she has a passion for both the legal and recruitment industries;

“The law is a cornerstone of our society, economy and business and I’m passionate about the crucial role that law firms play. From being a lawyer for many years, my passion for the legal industry has given me a focus to make a positive impact on it from a recruitment perspective. I believe that there is a vital role for a recruiter within the legal industry to provide true market insight and knowledge to ensure that lawyers are given the right career opportunities and firms can achieve their strategic talent aims. I have provided thought leadership in the industry’s main legal publication, The Lawyer (e.g. The Lawyer’s Salary Survey in 2016) as well as speaking at industry events, writing insights and articles for publications and also creating a unique and highly successful US law firm networking event targeted at HR Managers. I am a member of the Association of Asian Woman Lawyers Society and work with the Black Solicitors’ Network.”

Good luck to Amy!