Why Use a Legal Recruiter?

By RedLaw | 23 Jun, 2015

Matthew Parsons, Consultant in our Private Practice team, discusses the benefits of working with RedLaw.

I have been asked on a number of occasions; “Why even use a legal recruiter?”. Fair question. I’d have asked something along the same lines a couple of years ago. The answer to this question is multi-faceted, but can be loosely divided into two categories:

Time Pressures

I meet with numerous associates who simply don’t have time to organise or even engage in social activities, let alone thoroughly asses their options and relative worth in the market. You’ll notice I didn’t use the word ‘candidates’. The reason being is that we see ourselves at RedLaw as career advisers, rather than your average recruiters. It tends to be the norm that we meet with associates who don’t actually become active in the market for a number of months. Maintaining regular dialogue with a consultant you trust is the most time-efficient way of finding out what is going on in the market. This will cover anything from recent partner moves, lateral associate hires and salary updates.

Moving slightly ahead, constructing or even reconstructing a CV can often be rather time consuming. Certain firms like information set out a certain way and this is where we can save associates time by passing on tips regarding CV structure and the level of detail to include. Of course, it’s always better to know exactly what firms require ahead of starting the process!

Even before entering the interview room, numerous telephone calls and e-mails will have already taken place to make this happen. Coordinating the diary of an associate and partner is by no means an easy task. Especially when associates are restricted to breakfast or lunch slots. Throw into the mix that most interviews tend to be with second partner. And what if applications are being made to several firms? It’s evident how time consuming this process becomes between consultant and recruitment professional. And that’s just the first round! In addition to this, we can also play an essential role in keeping different processes with several firms at the same stage. Whether this be slowing down or even speeding up these processes, we can ensure that associates wouldn’t be subjected to the time pressures of an offer before they were ready. With offers in mind, this is where we as consultants can really add our value to the process. A candidate may be juggling multiple offers, which can lead to some difficult conversations with a potential future boss. It’s our job to ask the difficult questions and manage the expectations of the interested firms and in turn, negotiate the best deal.

Market Knowledge 

Whilst we don’t profess to be expert restructuring or corporate lawyers, our exposure to the wider market ensures that associates regard RedLaw consultants as a trustworthy source of market intelligence. As we work closely with our thriving ‘partner team’, it’s commonplace for us to be recruiting for partners who we have helped move to the law firm in the first place. Over the last five years we have helped recruit across such a wide range of sectors at all levels. We are therefore expertly placed to give associates an insight into such a wide range of practices, from US firms, right through to boutique practices in the West End.

On the back of this, we have forged some excellent relationships with recruitment professionals and often the hiring partners themselves. We are even frequently asked to advise on levels of remuneration and how to market certain opportunities. Being so closely aligned to a number of firms allows us to not only give associates an understanding of the financial benefits on offer, but a genuine insight into the recruiting partners, how interviews are structured, hours expectations and the wider culture of the firm.

A good proportion of the roles we fill rarely come to market. On the back of our relationships, firms trust our judgement when introducing an associate who we identify as a ideal fit for a specific team. This is certainly part of the value we add at RedLaw; we aren’t an agency who matches CVs with jobs listed on websites. We take the time to ascertain exactly what associates would be looking for in a potential move and concisely present a very select group of firms to target.

To re-highlight a pertinent point; we truly see ourselves as career advisors. It’s our job to know the market and associates need to rely on us for advice and discretion. Connecting with people, engaging and building long lasting relationships is paramount to Redlaw’s values. Trust, knowledge and transparency is applied to every exchange ensuring our relationships are built to last. Your career is certainly in safe hands with us.


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