The benefits of using a recruiter to manage a redundancy process. A case in point

By RedLaw | 10 Apr, 2018

Keith Miles, Senior RedLaw Consultant, looks back on one of his most rewarding recruitment processes and shares some words of wisdom in his latest blog.


In a commercial world the impact a legal recruiter can have in significantly changing people’s lives and careers is often lost. I know. Legal Recruiters. People who are often ranked just behind Estate Agents as the most unpopular professionals!

This life changing aspect of our role was recently brought very starkly home to me with the successful placement of a recent candidate who was being made redundant from his firm. Dealing with legal professionals in redundancy situations is all pretty much par for the course in the day to day life of a Legal Recruiter……and then something unusual happened. And it made me think; could law firms be making better use of us to manage these often emotional and sensitive processes? It’s obviously in the best interests of all parties to part on good terms so it makes sense to.

In a changing legal market, my candidate’s current firm had decided that the area of work he was in no longer aligned with their growth plan. A perfectly sensible commercial decision and one that happens fairly regularly. Luckily, very sensible and professional discussions were had between both parties.

I was approached at RedLaw by the candidate to give guidance on his next move because of the experience I had within this specialist area. And because of the experience I had within this specialist area, I also knew the Partners of the firm very well; I had recruited for them in the past.

So, the unusual happened….We handled things differently. I was able to turn things on their head. No longer three parties working with Chinese walls. The HR department and Partners of the firm then worked with me throughout the duration of the process which led to a series of honest, open discussions creating a very successful outcome for all parties.

–         The candidate: although was made redundant, went through a relatively smooth and painless process and found a super role at another great firm who were looking for strategic growth within his specialist area of practice;

–         The firm: The HR team worked with a recruiter they knew and trusted, providing their employee with a more positive process. The firm and candidate parted respectfully on great terms maintaining a positive experience for their employer brand;

–         A hugely successful outcome for all.

So, some points to consider:

–         Don’t be afraid to involve a recruiter you trust for any redundancy processes you are working on. Or recommend a recruiter known to your firm directly to your employees;

–         Don’t’ build walls, work openly and together for the best outcome for all; allow time off for interviews, provide references and keep communication and support channels open;

–         Enabling such a respectful working relationship will foster a more productive employee before the candidate moves on whilst providing a positive employee and brand experience for them to take away once they do move on from the firm.

A difficult time can be successfully navigated by all parties.

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