10 top tips for effective business planning

By RedLaw | May 08, 2018

Andrew Wintle is Principal Consultant on the Partner team at RedLaw. Part of our consultative and supporting role advising our candidates on preparing for interview, includes how to create and deliver the best business plan. From his extensive experience, Andy has pulled together his top 10 tips in his latest blog.   At RedLaw, we […]

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5 good reasons to move firms

By RedLaw | May 08, 2018

It’s the start of a new month and, especially after the long bank holiday weekend, now might feel the right time to start looking for the next step in your legal career. Still undecided? Theo Varcoe’s latest blog might help you make that important decision…   Moving to a different law firm is not always the […]

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Commercial Litigation or International Arbitration – which area would suit you best?

By RedLaw | April 11, 2018

  Michael Madigan, RedLaw Consultant, takes a look at these two areas and lays out the pro’s and con’s of both in his latest blog.   As a Consultant that has worked with a wide range of commercial litigation and international arbitration associates (and sometimes those with mixed practices), I have had the opportunity to […]

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The benefits of using a recruiter to manage a redundancy process. A case in point

By RedLaw | April 10, 2018

Keith Miles, Senior RedLaw Consultant, looks back on one of his most rewarding recruitment processes and shares some words of wisdom in his latest blog.   In a commercial world the impact a legal recruiter can have in significantly changing people’s lives and careers is often lost. I know. Legal Recruiters. People who are often […]

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With gender pay reporting hitting the headlines, how does this affect your remuneration?

By RedLaw | March 28, 2018

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, discusses gender inequality in her most recent blog and how it could have a negative impact on your remuneration.   Despite the ever- evolving and modern world, gender inequality remains prevalent in many areas. However, it is now an issue which is being openly acknowledged and firmly on the agenda for […]

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Our commitment to our daughters

By RedLaw | March 15, 2018

  Dads4Daughters Day makes RedLaw Director, Jonathan Benjamin, put pen to paper…   Today, 15th March, is national Dads4Daughters Day; “a day on which all fathers of daughters everywhere will be asked to pledge themselves to achieving greater gender equality in the workplace – the future workplace of their daughters.”   I have two daughters, aged […]

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3 reasons how volunteering can enhance your professional career

By RedLaw | February 16, 2018

Keith Miles talks volunteering in his latest blog article and how it can actually enhance your career prospects.   As a former Director at a charity, over ten years at AvMA, I was absolutely delighted to join a company where volunteering and support for charity is encouraged and promoted. Personally supporting charities and giving back […]

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The top 5 reasons why a recruiter is the perfect partner for your job search

By RedLaw | February 14, 2018

Recruiters can often have such a bad reputation; unresponsive, faceless, sales mentality, lack of understanding; the list goes on. But if you find the right recruiter to work with, one who is truly passionate about helping individuals progress throughout their careers, not only can it drive forward your job search but it can be the […]

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Avoiding the legal headhunter? 5 reasons why you should say ‘yes’ to the coffee (and when to say ‘no’)

By RedLaw | February 01, 2018

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, discusses the reasons why saying ‘yes’ to legal headhunters can be career-changing: For many years as a lawyer, I was subjected to terrible headhunt calls: from headhunters who clearly didn’t even know my practice area, to those who just wanted to keep me on the phone (why do this? To grind […]

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How to ace competency based interview questions!

By RedLaw | October 10, 2017

Senior Consultant, Keith Miles, takes a look at the often dreaded competency based interview questions in his latest blog. Most lawyers are good at answering technical questions and discussing deals. But competency based questions can often be unexpectedly difficult. These are structured largely to test both your soft skills and to test your reactions and […]

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