Market Roundup: Autumn 2018

By RedLaw | November 08, 2018

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, looks back at the legal market over the last quarter: As 2018 draws to a close, the London legal market shows no signs of reduced activity. As well as further mergers being announced and in the offing, the appetite for IPOs is beginning to pick up. Since the first UK law […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Jonathan Benjamin, RedLaw Director

By RedLaw | November 05, 2018

As we move towards our 10th anniversary with some exciting plans for growth and expansion for the business, including the launch of a German and Offshore recruitment division, RedLaw Director, Jonathan Benjamin, was recently interviewed about making the decision to venture into the unknown leaving law to set up RedLaw with co founder Amy Hambleton […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Laura Willis, Director, Shine Offline

By RedLaw | October 11, 2018

      The second of our interviews to mark World Mental Health Day this week. We caught up with Laura Willis, founder of Shine Offline, who had her own experience of a breakdown from overload, to talk about the correlation of a 24/7 connected world with poor mental health, overwhelm, anxiety and how this can have […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews….Richard Martin, Director, byrne.dean

By RedLaw | October 10, 2018

           To mark World Mental Health Day, 10th October, RedLaw were privileged to interview Richard Martin who leads byrne.dean’s work on mental health. He is a former City law firm partner with his own experience of serious mental illness. He sits on the steering committee of the Lord Mayor’s This Is […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Amy Hambleton, RedLaw Director

By RedLaw | May 01, 2018

RedLaw were proud winners of the Best Professional Services Recruitment Company to Work For in 2017, finalists in 2018 and, more recently, Amy Hambleton, has achieved finalist status for the Global Recruiter Awards for Best Permanent Consultant category. We recently interviewed Amy about why she took the leap moving from law into recruitment, the best […]

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Marketplace Roundup: April 2018

By RedLaw | April 17, 2018

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, looks back at the legal market over the last quarter: The first quarter of 2018 started with the furore of the Presidents Club Dinner, which drew various lawyers into the public consciousness and set the tone for a spotlight on issues relating to sexism, equality and diversity. With the deadline on […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Amanda Stevens, Chief Executive Hudgells Solicitors

By RedLaw | March 08, 2018

     To mark International Women’s Day this week, we chat to Amanda Stevens, Chief Executive of Hudgells Solicitor. We talk about her difficulties rising to the top of a traditionally male orientated sector, following her passions, putting children before her career, and how she now  drives an inclusive strategy for the company.   Amanda, you are […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Jane Keir, Senior Partner, Kingsley Napley

By RedLaw | March 02, 2018

  This month we talk Powerwomen Awards, gender pay gap and how, under Jane and Linda Woolley’s leadership, Kingsley Napley is “making it work for mothers”.   Jane, you are one of a very few women to lead a top 100 UK law firm. Under both your and Managing Partner Linda Woolley’s leadership, Kingsley Napley […]

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Marketplace Roundup: October 2017

By RedLaw | October 27, 2017

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, looks back at the last quarter. With a surprisingly buoyant summer of recruitment, the Autumn quarter leading to the end of the year has shown no signs of activity slowing down. Partner movement has remained consistent and demand is high as the fragmentation of the market continues with the plethora of […]

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Spotlight: RedLaw interviews…Dave Cook, founder of Mason & Cook and the structured work allocation practice

By RedLaw | October 10, 2017

An increasing amount of law firms are introducing the structured work allocation method for their day-to-day operations. But what are the benefits for both lawyers and firms? Is it really making a positive impact in terms of career progression and productivity and what does the future look like for this relatively new working process? We […]

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