The Particular Partner

By RedLaw | 11 Jul, 2014

Philip wanted more considered and informative careers advice and a better understanding of his options.

The solution

— We identified a small selection of firms for Philip’s consideration which fitted with his client base.

— We analysed how these clients would fit with the chosen firms’ client base, coupled with Philip’s cultural specifications.

— We helped Philip analyse his options and advised him on which of the firms offered him the best opportunity to achieve his career goals.

— We organised the entire process – everything from arranging interviews and assisting with Philip’s business plan to helping him prepare for interviews and participating in daily brainstorming calls. We also helped move assistant solicitors with Philip and managed these processes.

The outcome

— Philip recognised excellent opportunities at each of the law firms he met, giving him a choice of strong offers.

— He chose to join one of the firms we shortlisted (a London-based commercial practice) and is extremely happy there. He has now received recognition in the legal directories.

— The Lawyer later named Philip’s arrival as one of the firm’s highlights of the year.