The Captain Without A Ship

By RedLaw | 11 Jul, 2014
The Challenge

— ‘Adam’ was the managing partner of a law firm that was in the course of being merged and he would no longer have a position.

— A corporate lawyer, he had not been a fee-earner for some years and had been running the firm, so did not have a portable practice to take to another firm.

The Solution

— We identified a law firm that wanted to develop its corporate and commercial capability and, crucially, was prepared to be flexible in its approach in bringing in expertise at a senior level.

— We recommended that the law firm create a new consultancy role for Adam, with a remuneration structure that incentivised him to develop business for the firm.

The Outcome

— Adam got the opportunity to return to a fee-earning role.

— The law firm was able to test the viability of the new role without making a significant financial investment.

— Within a matter of months, the law firm completed its first large corporate deal, brought in by Adam.