The Ambitious Associate

By RedLaw | 11 Jul, 2014
The challenge

— A competition lawyer and senior associate at a leading City law firm, “Daniel” wanted to move to become a partner at his next firm.

— At the time, most law firms within the top 100 were making redundancies. Opportunities for competition lawyers were rare and, for the most part, only available to lawyers with a strong client following.

The solution

— After extensive meetings with Daniel and the preparation of his business plan, it was clear to us that Daniel was partner material.

— We identified a number of smaller firms that wanted to boost their competition expertise and were in a financial position to make a partner hire in this sector. These included an international law firm that had recently lost the head of its competition department.

— Whilst the firm wanted someone who was already a partner, it was clear to us that Daniel met all of their requirements, bar his current title. We persuaded the firm to meet Daniel by building a business case that recognised the attributes that placed him at partner level: the breadth and depth of his experience, the calibre of his work, the range and quality of his clients, his ability to cross-sell and the excellent fit between his practice and the law firm’s competition practice.

— We spoke to all the partners involved in the recruitment process at each stage of the process.

— We advised and guided Daniel at every step and helped prepare him for each interview and presentation.

— After the law firm made its offer, we helped finalise the terms of the agreement.

The outcome

— We understand that Daniel’s recruitment was the fastest partner recruitment in the firm’s recent history.

— Daniel was not only appointed a partner but also head of the firm’s competition department.