The top 5 reasons why a recruiter is the perfect partner for your job search

By RedLaw | February 14, 2018

Recruiters can often have such a bad reputation; unresponsive, faceless, sales mentality, lack of understanding; the list goes on. But if you find the right recruiter to work with, one who is truly passionate about helping individuals progress throughout their careers, not only can it drive forward your job search but it can be the […]

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Avoiding the legal headhunter? 5 reasons why you should say ‘yes’ to the coffee (and when to say ‘no’)

By RedLaw | February 01, 2018

RedLaw Director, Amy Hambleton, discusses the reasons why saying ‘yes’ to legal headhunters can be career-changing: For many years as a lawyer, I was subjected to terrible headhunt calls: from headhunters who clearly didn’t even know my practice area, to those who just wanted to keep me on the phone (why do this? To grind […]

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How to ace competency based interview questions!

By RedLaw | October 10, 2017

Senior Consultant, Keith Miles, takes a look at the often dreaded competency based interview questions in his latest blog. Most lawyers are good at answering technical questions and discussing deals. But competency based questions can often be unexpectedly difficult. These are structured largely to test both your soft skills and to test your reactions and […]

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Top 5 tips for candidates moving from Australia and New Zealand to London

By RedLaw | September 08, 2017

RedLaw Consultant, Theo Varcoe, has helped a number of lawyers in their move from Australia and New Zealand to the UK. Here are his top 5 tips for candidates moving from Australia and New Zealand to London: 1. Get your visa organised Law firms will need to know what rights you have to work here […]

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The 10 best coffee shops in the City!

By RedLaw | August 22, 2017

Debbie Fine, Consultant, Associate Team, shares her new found coffee shop wisdom in her blog article: One of the many perks of being in recruitment is getting the chance to be out and about around the City, meeting clients and candidates for coffee. I get to spend so much time listening to people talking about […]

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How you can effortlessly propel your career by linking with a Headhunter

By RedLaw | June 28, 2017

RedLaw Director, Jonathan Benjamin, talks about the benefits to your career opportunities of linking in with a Headhunter. Today we are deluged by people calling us to sell us things: from PPI to accident claims, being cold called from call centres with people treating us simply as commodities to buy things and part with money […]

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Getting the start to your career that you deserve?

By RedLaw | June 19, 2017

Theo Varcoe, RedLaw Consultant, discusses factors crucial to your success;   The destiny of solicitors is determined by their early careers, from the selection of vac schemes undertaken to the order of seats as a trainee – the first few years set the trajectory for your career. What can be done then to ensure that […]

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Top 5 reasons lawyers switch law firms

By RedLaw | June 15, 2017

This month, RedLaw Consultant Raj looks at the drivers which motivate lawyers when considering a move. Read his fill blog here:   Whilst every lawyer’s individual drivers in both their personal and professional lives will be different, over the years we have found that some combination of the following five factors will usually be in […]

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Senior Lawyers; networking tips for building a practice

By RedLaw | April 19, 2017

Jon Kennedy, Principal Consultant, Partner team blogs about how to make the best use out of networking opportunities. Often the first thing on a hiring partner’s lips when considering recruiting a partner or senior associate into the firm is; “what is the value of their following?” It takes time and effort to build a loyal […]

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Preparation is key

By RedLaw | November 30, 2016

RedLaw Consultants, Adam and Raj, were delighted to support Providence Row today at their Interview Workshop. They helped the charity’s clients work through a booklet all about interview structure, content, techniques and worked one on one in a mock interview to give the clients the practical experience they need as part of their preparation into […]

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